A New Innovative Product for Manufacturers of Medical Supplies


Inventor Helen S. Sheppard has a patent entitled the Portable Limb Support Stand. An inspiration from an unfortunate event, Helen injured both of her legs and was looking for something to elevate and support them. Her experience with the injury led her to create and develop this unique invention.

Anyone who has ever had his or her leg or arm in a cast for any length of time understands the frustration of finding a convenient way to keep the injured limb in an elevated position. At times it is not always possible to find an effective support device. Helen felt that the Portable Limb Support Stand would solve this dilemma.



Pacific World Marketing is pleased to introduce for license or sale a simple, safe and portable method for providing elevation for a injured limb. Thanks to Helen, the days of searching for the proper pillow or table to elevate the injury is now behind us. The innovative design is portable and adjustable or can easily be incorporated into a cast. Each side of the band is a pivoting strut. The struts are telescopic, enabling the limb to be adjusted to the appropriate and comfortable height. Protective caps encompass the end of the struts to prevent slippage of the stand and prevent damaging a surface. The pivoting struts allow the wearer to rotate the stand against the limb when the stand is not in use.


"It's portable and easy enough for a child to operate", claimed Inventor Helen Sheppard when asked about her idea. This one of a kind device is collapsible and can be stored on the cast. "The Portable Limb Support Stand makes it unnecessary to find something to elevate an injured leg", asserts Helen.

This is a superior support device that can be made in various sizes and styles to fit any need or preference. The design used is simple and uncomplicated, allowing it to be easily produced from a wide range of appropriate materials at an affordable and competitive price. The invention was awarded United States Patent #6712781 on March 30th, 2004. The exceptional design is ready for immediate introduction to a waiting market. Rugged and reliable, this is the perfect application for anyone wanting to avoid the frustration of searching for the right elevation device. 

Featured Benefits:
Lightweight and Portable
Telescopic height adjustment
Safe and easy to use
Promotes faster healing
Target Market:
This innovative product fills the need for injured consumers suffering from the frustrations of finding comfort when wearing a cast. Target audience and marketing will be easy, as it can be sold in medical supply and drug stores, as well as hospitals, specialty and related outlets. Helen has invented an innovative support device that opens an unlimited national and marketing opportunity

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